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We do not believe that we have a single unhappy customer and that is why our concrete garages have earned the position as Britain’s favourite range of concrete garages.

Frequently Asked Questions

So, how does it work?

In order to obtain your quotation we first need to know where you live. This established, then provide us with the desired roof style (choosing from Apex or Pent/Flat, or perhaps Premium Options Package?) and then lastly the desired size. Don't forget, all our prices include installation and our garages are supplied with an up & over garage door and 4ft fixed window. Afterwards you are presented with the options of individualising your building from a choice including security, maintenance free and aphetic options. Our simple 3 step Instant Quotation system will guide you through this process and will provide you with a fully comprehensive quotation there and then. If you would then like to proceed with your order simply print it off following the onscreen instructions and one of our members of staff will contact you to confirm your order. Your new high quality concrete garage will be with you within 28 days – as part of our 28 day promise.

Your order is secured with a small deposit which will hold your price against any increase for six months.

Once we’ve processed your order, we’ll send you a documentation pack giving you instruction on what will happen next. Check that we’ve got everything right, and when you’re ready, send back your forms and balance which will instigate delivery of your premium concrete building. If you would like to speak to a concrete garage specialist to obtain your quotation and submit your order please call FREEPHONE 0800 318 359.
What are the standard features of these garages?

Also see Read About the Range. All of our concrete garages are constructed to the highest standard using only the best materials available. The walls are 2¾ inches thick and steel reinforced, the panels are machine vibrate pre-cast concrete panels (more dense and thicker than any of our competitors) applied with 'Classic Spar' pebbledash finish which is suited to most environments and blends in with all kinds of brickwork. You have the options of specifying a choice of roof types and styles depending on your taste and budget. We offer Apex and budget Pent/flat roofs both of which have exceptional proven build quality and these can be completed with your choice of premium accessories, such as tile effect (granular steel and fibre cement versions) or galvanised steel sheets. A standard roof is made of 3in corrugate fibre cement, non-combustible sheets is supported on steel rafters and has timber fascia and verge boards which have been factory treated. The only brand of up&over garage door we use is a steel framed and retractable Hörmann door – Europe’s #1 supplier of garage doors with an exceptional reputation for quality and durability whilst we also offer roller and and traditional side-hung doors as options. We can provide true brick front pillars in two colours, not just brick effect cladding which so many other suppliers choose to use. To ensure longevity of your concrete garage we offer an optional sand and cement fillet in addition to mastic to internal perimeter walls which helps to prevent leaks and takes up discepancies within the garage floor. All timbers are supplied factory pre-treated and this includes the access door and window provided with all our models. On top of all of this you have the manufacturers 10 year guarantee and the knowledge that your new concrete garage will have been erected by a trained and experienced employee to give you peace of mind. All our buildings are constructed inclusive in the price and delivered Nationwide. Obtain an Instant Quotation now.

What preparation is required before my garage is delivered from

Once your order is placed with us you need to ensure that everything is in place for your new concrete garage to be delivered and built. Just follow this simple checklist to make sure you are ready for the delivery;
  • Your concrete base has been laid and is flat, level and over-sized by 150mm(6in) to our dimensions (remember once your order has been placed we can carry out a FREE site survey to ensure your site is suitable for your concrete garage).
  • Preferably but not a absolute requirement - can a wagon is able to park alongside your drive? Ideally, the panels are offloaded from the HGV wagon and then transported along your drive by forklift truck (8ft wide access required for all forklift deliveries). If this isn't the case simply email us for further assistance.
  • Planning Permission or Building Control has been approved? If you need any guidance or assistance with obtaining your planning permission please do not hesitate to get in touch by email or FREEPHONE 0800 318 359 and a specialist colleague will be happy to help.

As a final note, it is common misconception that concrete buildings fit into a ‘track’ in the floor. This isn’t the case; our concrete buildings sit flat to the floor and an optional sand cement fillet can be run around the inside perimeter walls preventing water ingress and removing any discrepancies in floor level and finish which is common to concrete bases. If you have any questions about the checklist or feel you are unable to meet all of the requirements please get in touch and we will be happy to advise you further.
How should I decide what size of concrete garage to order?
First you need to look at the proposed location of your new concrete garage in relation to your house and ensure you have left enough space to open your garage door . All of the Hörmann up&over doors are retractable and so the main door will have an arc of around 3ft2in. You also need to consider the size of your car and any other purposes you may have for the concrete garage – do you just want to be able to fit your car or motorcycle in the garage or do you require further space for storage or a work bench? Make sure you have enough space for all of your requirements. Remember, our walls are 3in thick to either side so internal space is reduced overall by 6in width and length.

Your concrete base has been laid and is flat, level and over-sized by 150mm(6in) to our dimensions (remember once your order has been placed we can carry out a FREE site survey to ensure your site is suitable for your concrete garage).

If you need any further advice on the sizes of garages please email us or call us on FREEPHONE 0800 318 359.
Allow At Least 3ft6in Clearance For The Arch Of The Garage Door
Once I have my quotation will there be any hidden charges?

Unlike many of our competitors, the quotations we provide are not only instant but are also fully comprehensive – there are no hidden costs and charges. The quotation we provide is inclusive of your selected size and style of garage with any additional options you may have chosen and includes delivery and erection of your concrete garage. There is no charge or obligation for obtaining an Instant Quotation – just fill in our simple 3 step quotation system by clicking here to confirm the complete price of your required concrete garage. Don’t forget that we also offer a FREE site survey, if required, once we have received your order to ensure site suitability and will help you with any planning enquiries that you may have.
Individualise your garage / Special features & accessories

No two garages have to be alike and only one Garage Company offers SIX different roofing designs and THREE differing roof pitches. We also have differing external wall finishes including our new BRICK EFFECT. We offer TRUE brick fronts (not poor imitation like many of our competitors), PVCu fascias in white, brown and woodgrain mahogany and light-oak finishes. Our optional Decograin main doors blend perfectly with our wood grain fascias and our guttering can be offered in complimentary colours and design too. This is how we have become Britain's Favourite range of Concrete Garages. These web pages and our Instant on-line Quotation engine are only the tip of the iceberg, for an individual quotation and details on these premium accessories email us or ring FREEPHONE 0800-318359.
Optional Roof styles | Apex concrete garages

Our newest model is now supplied with superior strength B5 and Spanish Red coloured and corrugated roof and our standard is a grey coloured and fibre reinforced cement sheet. Furthermore we are the only garage company to offer a fibre cement terracotta tile effect roof. In addition many of our models are offered can be specified with our granular steel tile effect which is available in a choice of complimentary colours. Many of our buildings can accept translucent roof sheets.
Optional Roof Styles | Apex Concrete Garages
True brick front pillars | all concrete buildings

Real brick front posts available in four different designs and sectional brick and stone effect garages. Call us on 01246 220301 (10am - 4pm) for a individual quotation today.
True Brick Front Pillars | All Concrete Buildings
Maintenance-Free options | all concrete buildings

Our main doors and steel access doors are supplied as standard in a durable and white power-coat finish which if you prefer will readily accept paint or if left will remain a brilliant white for years to come. Fascias, barge boards and windows are available in white or brown and woodgrain finishes Rosewood and light-oak.
Maintenance-Free Options | All Concrete Buildings
Windows | all concrete buildings

Our standard window is 4ft wide, extra windows double-glazed and in PVCu with or without laminated glass or simply in timber maybe specified in 2ft or 4ft. Windows drop into place in lieu of the upper half of two concrete panels and therefore with the exception of the corners can be positioned anywhere.
Windows | All Concrete Buildings

Main doors | all concrete garages

Hörmann is Europe's #1 manufacturer of garage doors; our standard door is a horizontal-rib and Georgian style for our maintenance free versions. Doors can be specified in varied widths or heights and colour availability includes white, brown and Decograin woodgrain effects. Our roller-shutter doors can be specified on almost all versions of our garages. Four-point locking or locking secured by door automation available.

Main Doors | All Concrete Garages


Access doors | all concrete garages

Specify our steel security access doors in a choice of styles and widths. Supplied as standard with one deadlock, see our security options for details of additional security measures. Built to customer requirements PVC French doors. See our Guidance Notes on positioning and hinging of our access doors.

Access Doors | All Concrete Garages

Guttering | all concrete garages

Standard colour availability; black, white and brown.

Guttering | All Concrete Garages

Security Options | all concrete garages

Add four-point locking on our main doors and three-point security locking to our access doors. Laminated glass (like car windscreens) will not shatter.

Security Options | All Concrete Garages

Extra Height options | all concrete garages

Our garages are 6ft6in (1.98m) to eaves provide a door clearance of 6ft1in (1.85m). Should you require additional height then we offer a 7ft6in (2.28m) to eaves version with ample under-door clearance. All see our Highliner versions for light-industrial application.

Internal partition walls | all concrete garages

Door you wish to create extra living space to the rear of your building? Our concrete internal partition walls can be specified on most versions or building.

Door automation | all concrete garages

Nationwide installation service available for our compact, neat and reliable garage door openers.

Door Automation | All Concrete Garages

Do I need Planning Permission or to make a Building Control application?

Usually, in the majority of situations, no. Planning permission is not normally required due to the nature of our product - i.e. "portable sectional building" - providing that the structure is within certain size and height limits which in turn are governed by the type and other aspects of your property. The usual criteria to meet to avoid planning permission are...


  • The building is not in front of the principle elevation of the property or in other words not in the front garden.
  • Your property is not in a Conservation area or a listed building.
  • Where a building is as close as 2m to a boundary it must be no taller than 2.5m. Our standard height buildings are designed to be compliant with this rule, all Pent models and Apex upto 10ft6in wide.
  • The property has few alternations (attached or within 5m distance) and the building will not cover more than 50% of the land area.
  • In order to comply with Building Regulations then the proposed building is under 30 sq. metres and contain no running water or sleeping accomdation.

We can give guidance, but we suggest that you talk to your local planning officer if in doubt.

Try visiting for details of the guidelines laid down by central government.

You may need permission if you intend to use your building for commercial use (i.e. an office), or if it goes against original planning permission for the house.

We offer FREE Technical drawings for submission to your local Planning Authority. If you have any further questions or require a copy of these drawings please email us and one of our expert team members will get back to you as soon as possible.  

Examples of Volume M³(Planning) and Floor Area M²(Building Regulations) Volume M³ Internal Floor Area M²
Pent Standard Height 8ft6in x 16ft3in 23.44 M³ 11.71 M²
Pent 7ft6in High Eaves 8ft6in x 16ft3in 27.01 M³ 11.71 M²
Apex Standard Height 8ft6in x 16ft3in 24.50 M³ 11.71 M²
Apex High Eaves 8ft6in x 16ft3in 28.07 M³ 11.71 M²
Pent Double 16ft6in x 20ft3in 61.36 M³ 29.36 M²
Pent Double 18ft6in x 18ft3in 62.00 M³ 29.36 M²


Positioning of personal access door and window

There are several different options available when selecting the position of our access door and windows. Doors and windows maybe positioned at 1ft increments and placed 2ft from any corner. For doors, you may specify the hinging of the door (viewed externally) and by default the door is opening outwards. Please see the diagrams below for further possibilities.

Concrete Garages | Access Doors
Do you have concerns about access to your site?

Each concrete panel making up your sectional garage weighs 100kgs (220lbs) and is 2ft (0.6m) wide by 6½ft (1.98m) high so we prefer to be able to access your base site with a forklift truck. You must have a clear and suitable access to your base site preferably of 8ft for forklift trucks although 3ft 6” (1.09m) wide will suffice and ideally no steps. If we are going down steps or across grass then please provide a stable ramp for our trolley.

If you have any concerns about the access to you base site please email us or call us on FREEPHONE 0800 318 359 and an experienced team member will be able to advise you.
What level/tolerance is acceptable in the concrete floor?

It isn't necessary for your concrete base to be perfectly level and to a moderate degree we can build within certain tolerances. Always if you are in doubt and have placed your order with us we can arrange for a site survey. As a general rule we cannot put PENT roof garages on bases which fall consistency more than 1in(25mm) or APEX 2in(50mm) in any direction. It is recommended that a concrete floor be 6in (150mm) longer and wider that the proposed structure (we quote external concrete dimensions), be mindful that your base must also be square.


In order to check that your base will be laid square, measure out a 3-4-5 triangle as per below sketch before securing your timber shutters...

345 Triangulate Your Concrete Base
In order to give your timbers a final check prior to concreting, measure the diagonals which should be equal. We would also advise you to use a reputable ready-mix concrete company who will also be able to tell you the amount of concrete required...

Check That Your Base Is Flat Level & Square

As a final note, it is common misconception that concrete buildings fit into a ‘track’ in the floor. This isn’t the case; our concrete buildings sit flat to the floor and our sand cement fillet is run around the inside perimeter walls preventing water ingress and removing any discrepancies in floor level and finish which is common to concrete bases.

When will my concrete garage be built and delivered?

As part of our 28 day promise you new, high quality concrete garage will be with you within 28 days of receipt of your order. Your concrete garage will be delivered and built on the very same day by employed, trained members of staff which means no waiting around on your part. Once we have received your order we will confirm a convenient delivery/build date with you.
I need a concrete garage quickly, can you help?

If you are in a hurry and need a new concrete garage as quickly as possible you might want to take advantage of our express delivery. For further information and a quotation for express delivery please email us or call us on FREEPHONE 0800 318 359 and we will do everything we can to help you meet your deadline.
I am considering an electric door operator for my new concrete garage – would I need to do any preparation?

We offer a nationwide installation service for the supply and installation of automatic garage door openers. Our electric door operators require a 240v supply, via a standard UK three pin socket. You are advised to install your supply via a fused spur. All electrical work should be undertaken by a qualified electrician. The position of the plug socket should be in the roof space (ideally attached to the steelwork or timber in the roof), around 6’ from the front of the garage. The electrical supply should be in place when we come to fit your operator, to allow us to demonstrate how to use it, and to optimise the settings accordingly. Our remote control door systems are supplied with one controller but extra handsets and cable release can be specified at the time of order.

Automatic Garage Door Opener & Controller

What materials are the garage roofs constructed from? Are they asbestos?

Our buildings are clad with Cembrit 5in profiled sheeting; a development of fibre reinforced cement technology with a successful track record. Our roofing sheets are maintenance free and non- combustible. It does not contain asbestos, which means it is perfectly safe to use. The product has been tested by the British Board of Agreement and conforms to BS693:3:1973 Amendment 2.

Detailed in this photograph is the PVC Apex with our standard 'snug' fitting ridge tile.

5in Profile, Manufactured By Cembrit
What do others say about our Lidget Compton service?

Please see our testimonials page for a full list of recommendations from our previous customers.
Compare our garages with the competition


Included As Standard Our Concrete Garages Our Closest Competitor
Buy With Confidence from the UKs Largest Manufacturer Yes x
Galvanised Steel Roof Structure applied with anti-condensation treatment (applies to Pent roof) YES x
Branded fibre cement roof 5in corrugated and profile fitting ridge tile and eaves filler (Apex Garages) YES x
Full-Height panels 7ft6in eaves (optional) YES x
Hörmann Fully Framed and Fully Retractable Main Door YES x
Increased internal eaves height as standard (applies to Apex model) YES x
Nationwide Same Day Delivery & Installation Service YES x
Mastic sealed internal walls YES x
3in thick walls, Canterbury spar wall chippings YES x
10yr Manufacturers Warranty Serviced by a Dedicated Aftersales Team YES x
Bespoke drawing service YES x
Made-to-Measure Buildings a Speciality YES x


Do you lay concrete bases?

Our services are nationwide, we lay concrete bases and we demolish asbestos buildings. Bases are suggested to be 6in longer and wider than the garage and at least 4in minimum depth. At concrete garage base should always be flat, level and square but read about our tolerances.


Do you undertake repair and refurbishment of concrete garages?

We operate nationwide providing replacement garage roofs, doors and windows. We are licensed to remove and carry asbestos and most of our work is conveniently completed in just one day. Whilst we do replace roofs on a like-for-like basis many of our customers prefer the looks and peace of mind of a rigid and durable steel profiled sheet, anti-condensation lined and externally finished in a choice of attractive colours contact us for a competitive quotation.





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